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Yukos the Crude Live at New Brookland Tavern on 2005-10-09

Topics Live concert

Disc 1 (39:33):
1. Okrakilla (1:58)
2. I'm a Closet Nymphomaniac (3:55)
3. Your Sweatpants Shall Be My Beacon (3:03)
4. Goddamned Moon (2:51)
5. Love Octagon (3:56)
6. Richard Dean Anderson Died For Your Sins (3:06)
7. Life on the WB (2:53)
8. Fucked Up Shue (3:01)
9. Federovsky Block (3:51)
10. Disclaimer (3:32)
11. Cat Heaven (2:49)
12. Leo's (4:38)

Collection YukostheCrude
Band/Artist Yukos the Crude
Venue New Brookland Tavern
Location Columbia, SC

Source 2 Samson R11 mics > Laptop
Lineage ProTools > CD wav > SF > CD wav > FLAC16
Taped by Alex Mabrey
Transferred by Alex Mabrey, Philip Oliver-Paull


-At 1:16 during track 2, someone awkwardly tried to shake hands with Alex and knocked the mic stand over. Alex caught the stand before it hit the floor and tried to fix the mic noise as best as he could afterward.
-Tracks 3 and 6 include backup vocals from The Noise (who were headlining the show).
-Track 9 includes someone asking "Where'd Alex go?" at 0:17.
-Track 12 includes extra drumming from members of The Noise.


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Yukos the Crude
by Yukos the Crude
Source: SBD > Laptop
Yukos the Crude
by Yukos the Crude
Source: 2 Samson R11 mics > Laptop